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The Dinner


8 people, 6 want an after-dinner drink, and 2 don’t drink alcohol. A toast for the winner of a prestigious Award, but a little uncomfortable for the two who didn’t drink. This is the story of Melambra Gold, that started at Tony Falkenstein’s dinner table in Auckland, New Zealand.


Tony is a serial entrepreneur, who has started businesses around the world, but settled in Godzone, New Zealand.


“Why was there no premium alcohol-free liqueurs” was the question Tony pondered. Here he was in the only country that grew trees producing Manuka Honey, known for its unique healthy properties, spring water that was clean and pure, ginger that flourished in New Zealand’s temperate climate and other unique ingredients only found in New Zealand. Engaging with a world renowned food technologist, Melambra Gold was born.


The story so far...


In 2016, Melambra Gold (formerly branded ‘Elite”) was launched at the SIAL Trade Show in Shanghai, amongst 6,500 other products. It was one of ten nominations for the Best Product at the Show, and was awarded the Bronze Trophy. (Tony didn’t like being third, so working with a world class Advertising Agency, he came up with a new name and brand, he designed a unique bottle, embossed with its own trademark, he designed a new outer box, resulting in an end product that is worthy of its liquid contents.


Melambra Gold not only tastes good, not only looks good but is good for you!

The Future


Melambra Gold heralds the new category of premium alcohol-free beverages. The Economist reports: “ACROSS most of the world the consumption of alcohol is falling”. People want the taste of an alcoholic drink, without the alcohol. Beer has demonstrated the biggest success in alcohol-free products, as traditional beers continue to decline, while alcohol-free beers flourish. The Economist reports: “Last year 2.2 billion litres of non-alcoholic beer were drunk, 80% more than five years earlier.”


In many countries, more than 50% of the population don’t drink alcoholic products, especially females. Melambra Gold allows everybody to enjoy the taste of a fulfilling and satisfying cocktail, in the true spirit envisaged by the Italian monks – an alcohol-free drink with healthy properties.


Join the crowd – join Melambra Gold

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