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Melambra Gold is best drunk as the Italian monks would have drunk it over 700 years ago - a small glass with the Melambra Gold poured over ice, sip and feel this amazing liquid trickle down the sides of your throat - the Melambra feeling is unique, a feeling of freshness, a feeling of health and a feeling of New Zealand.

Vodka Ambrosia - the drink of the Greek Gods.  Melambra Gold by itself is the natural way of consuming this beverage, but like other liqueurs that have morphed into alcoholic drinks, Melambra Gold can be mixed with vodka, to produce an exceptional cocktail, that gives you the taste of Manuka Honey combined with the purity of the New Zealand water - Vodka Ambrosia - delivered by the Greek Gods.


Melambra Gold is a product from New Zealand – it could not be reproduced anywhere else in the world. Utilising Manuka Honey (only found in New Zealand) blended with other New Zealand honeys and New Zealand ginger, it is a true wonder product from this little country in the South Pacific with big aspirations.


New Zealand.

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